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A Little About Me…

I am best characterized as a ringmaster of many circuses, but I’ve actually made money as a freelance writer for various magazines, as a nine-time contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul, and working with haunted attractions across the United States. I was the president of Writers of Kern for five years and the editor of the nation’s first citizen journalism magazine, The Northwest Voice. When I earned my degree in English, someone said, “Wow, you just wasted four years of college on a degree you can never use.” My response was, “It took me nine years, thank you.” I am a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I wear cowboy boots a lot because they’re my favorite, I mind my own business, and I am a follower of Jesus. I fail him daily, but He is pretty cool with that–I mean, I’m working on it, but He’s cool while I work on it.

My birth stone is a coffee bean.

Two new businesses are keeping me busy!

I am still editing and, in FACT, have just started editing an amazing novel by a Central California writer, while I wait (im)patiently for Pastor James Ranger to hurry up and finish his 30-year-in-the-making novel about his precious New Life Church in Bakersfield. So, while these books are getting ready for their release, I started two escape game businesses–one pictured here and another that deserves its own post! In the meantime, please visit Schoolhouse Escapes to see what FUN I’ve been working on in between all these amazing novels. And by the way… Happy Halloween season! xo

"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love."
- Lana Del Ray
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a-z blogging challenge

Theme Reveal: A-Z Blogging Challenge

I have a new grandbaby due in April, a 7-month old grandbaby who owns me, a grown son making his way toward the pitching mound for the Oakland Athletics, two upcoming haunted house conventions AND a burgeoning business that requires my full-time attention BUT have also decided to join...

Dana and Mike

“G” is for God

I’m still in Texas, and although it was day later than we’d imagined, we’re home from the hospital after my grandson’s birth with a healthy baby and mother. God is good. I always catch myself when I say that. “God is good.” Isn’t God always good? Inherently good? His...

Jarret and allie

“F” is for Freedom

As I sit in a birthing room at Midland Memorial Hospital, I find myself with more than enough time to re-enter the A-Z Blogging Challenge. NOT that I ever withdrew, although it would APPEAR that I was AWOL since my busy April turned this blog into a non-productive alphabetical...

early convention

“E” is for Education

Today flew by in a flurry of appointments and responsibilities, and now nighttime is already locking up and getting ready to call it a day. And I, loyal reader, am only now sitting down to write my “E” blog post. Writers are a weird breed of idea-havers. We have...

Dana Martin Writing

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