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Mercy and grace

An open letter to all of us

You deserve forgiveness. Stop beating yourself up. No one hates you. Everyone makes mistakes. You’ve done the best you could. You’re trying to do better. You’re a good person. You still deserve love. You deserve to be happy. Good things happen to good people, and you’re good people. Everything is forgiven. Who cares about money. Forgiveness is so easy. Understanding is my strong suit.

Let it go.

When we go through something bad, even if it’s of our own doing, we can’t help but think the world must be thinking the worst of us. Our minds are our worst enemies. We can tell ourselves that everyone hates us, we are dirt, we don’t deserve happiness, I’m a terrible person, our situation will never change, how could anyone love me? How could anyone forgive me? In reality, it’s all in your head. Reality is so much better than what’s going on in your head, and you know that, but you can’t stand what you’ve done, so you think the worst of yourself.

You think worse of yourself than anyone else does on the planet.

grace and mercyDo you know the difference between grace and mercy? Grace is when God gives you what you don’t deserve, and mercy is when He spares you from what you DO deserve.

I. Should. Know.

Let’s practice that on everyone! What kind of people would we be if we held our loved ones, friends, coworkers, or team members accountable for “wrongs” when God doesn’t do that?

I have been given so much mercy and blessed with so much grace, that I hand that stuff out now like it’s hair care samples at the mall. Who am I? A flawed human, most certainly NOT in a position to judge anyone, and I want to forgive, love, and be the best friend I can to whoever needs it.

Am I flawed? That’s a rhetorical question. Oh, yes. But we all are. No one can escape the little sins of the earth, though the sins may look different. We are all imperfect. Be careful when you throw stones. I’ve taken my share of hits from them, but I don’t throw them back. Who… Am… I… To… Judge?

Nobody, that’s who.

So, chin up. Everything’s going to be ok. It’s already ok. Everything turns out the way it’s supposed to, remember? We are not as in control of our lives as we think we are. Lasso the moon!

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