AdventureLand and Schoolhouse Escapes

“A goal should scare you a little and excite you A LOT.”So, that’s where we are… just two gals with a dream to entertain people in our beloved hometown of Bakersfield, Calif.

Old habits die hard. The short story is that I (Dana) love Halloween and always have, even though I did not get to participate in it for most of my childhood because of being such a sick little sucker. So I grew up to become a writer JUST so I could own haunted houses one day (not really, but it DID help). I was first a writer, then a haunt mom, then worked on and eventually co-owned and operated two AMAZING haunted houses in the central valley of California (The Raven’s Gate near Fresno and Talladega Frights in Bakersfield). Now, with ALL that experience, I realized that I LOVE (not just Halloween but) entertaining people SO MUCH. I love seeing them laugh and have something to do that will be in their memories if not for a lifetime, than as social media feed fodder.

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