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Haunted backstories are the fictional circumstances that led to a haunted attraction becoming “haunted.” These stories, when placed on a haunted attraction’s website, are pivotal to the development and marketing of every successful haunt and can aid in social networking, advertising, and promotion of any kind.

A backstory, as you may already know, is like a movie trailer — giving people a sneak preview of what is coming. Haunt owners and operators can take elements in the backstory and use them as marketing (you *should* do this!). I can create new characters, props, use local elements unique to your city, and add a number of other elements that you, as the haunt owner, may not have imagined but could find useful during the build season and during the decorating stage.

Backstories also give the actors a “script” and gives the entire haunted house consistency.

I also offer writing services for feature stories, articles, and some types of creative fiction, as well as coordinating feature stories to market haunted events.

Custom, one-of-a-kind stories designed specifically for your haunt allow construction crews building sets to share the same vision of the haunt, encourage creativity and design ideas, provide ideas for costumes, and aid actors in developing realistic characters and dialog.

Please contact me for pricing and information on how to create unique stories, history, and marketing materials for your event.


danaFor a custom proposal for haunted house backstories or escape room themes, please contact Dana. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.

“IMPRESSIVE!! Dana, you exceed every expectation in marketing and then keep going. 4,000 and counting. Maybe we need to set higher goals for you! Thank you for your commitment in a start up haunt. Nothing like biting off more than you can chew and making it look easy. You are one in a million.”

~Mike Callahan, The Raven’s Gate Haunted Attraction

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