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Life is either a great adventure or nothing


Adventure can find you anywhere. Case in point: I traveled last year to a haunted house convention and fell in love with everything “escape games,” and today, along with my friend, cohort, and amazing spiritual sister Robin, I have a business called Schoolhouse Escapes that brings super fun escape games to classrooms—games that are standards-based and common core friendly (and by “friendly,” I mean teachers can totally check-off any admin-required boxes to notate they’ve provided unit-culminating, hands-on, cooperative activities with their students). To learn more about it, you can CLICK HERE. ANYWAY, adventures. We decided to write a Christmas theme unit, so I went to work the week before Christmas creating a Christmas story that I would, like the others, self-publish and read to the students as part of the immersion process of escape gaming. So, during the writing (a tip o’ the hat to my after-dinner glass of wine AND to Robin’s root canal, which plays a pivotal role in my writing), I ended up with a story I was so proud of that I immediately sent it to Robin, whose response was: “YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS PUBLISHED.” (Really, traditionally, bookstore published was her implication.) I read it to my family (and my mom, the school teacher, who’s read countless children’s books), and they all said the same thing. So today, I have found an editor (yes, the editor needs an editor) and am dipping my ever-adventurous toe into the literary pool of children’s books. Adventure is a good thing; you never know where (or to whom) it will take you.

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