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May showers

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May showers bring?

Today was a good day; the sky was dark, and during my 4-mile walk, it began to sprinkle. I’ve been a sprint-walker for a while, but we don’t get much rain where I live so this was an unusual and welcome surprise. I liked the smell of the rain as it reacted to the dusty asphalt. It was electric. My Ray-bans were the perfect windshield. My hair stuck to my shoulders.

Weirdly, this is me.

For whatever reason, my walk was much easier than on any other day. I went faster and I didn’t get hot.

According to my watch, I even breathed better. I breathed like an Olympic athlete (just kidding) and, although this isn’t scientific, I’m pretty sure that my mind decluttered.

This is May, not only a traditionally dry month in California but also my busiest “season” for work. I haven’t worked this hard since haunt season, and for anyone unfamiliar with that industry, it means I’m working long hours, barely eating and not sleeping because I’m startling myself awake at odd hours remembering vital necessities needed for our games that I forgot to order on Amazon. Then I get up at 5am, go to work, entertain children of vast personalities all day, return to the office to work until dark, Amazon-sleep-order again, lie awake waiting for my alarm to go off, then get up and start it all over again.

But back to the rain. I discovered today on my walk that the rain did something other than flatten my hair and cool my skin; as I mentioned above, the rain cleared my head. All the previously scattered mental files seemed to magically organize and align themselves for my perusal. I reflected on things and people and ideas and memories and felt truly free. I laughed, I smiled, and, at one point, I danced.

I hope someone driving by saw me and thought, “Well, that crazy girl looks like she’s having a fun walk today.”

I was.

I walk about 5 times a week and usually gain nothing but sore shins and sweat marks. But today was different. Was it the rain? I don’t know, but something extraordinary happened. Maybe the music on my phone helped–songs I hadn’t listened to in years. I didn’t think about work; I thought about things that needed thoughts, things I’d put off. Things and thoughts I’d been avoiding like sweets you know are bad for you.

The rain was good. Something about today was cleansing. Was it just the rain? I don’t know, but the water seemed to permeate my thoughts like welcome little guests popping in for a quick visit. A visit that lasted 4.35 miles and about 54 minutes.

Then, it was back to the grind–both mental and physical.

And by the end, I was still smiling. So, I guess I answered the question.

May showers bring peace.

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