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Back in the Summer of ’69, Part 2

So, just a short four weeks after my 50th celebration, we showered Christine with her own 50th birthday party… in Puerto Vallarta! All girls, no drama, a yacht, a mansion, beach service, expensive wine, and dinner views so breathtaking (*see photo above) that you forget the humidity and ignore that you’ve spent most of your July away from home (and work). In fact, when July is finally over, I will have been gone all but about five days. I’m pretty sure I’m sleep deprived and vitamin deprived, but I can’t imagine spending Christine’s 50th birthday any other way. Thirty-six years of continuous friendship — through high school, college, children, marriages, jobs, and now grandchildren. We may not have been born of the same parents, but God gave me sisters later in life, and I could not feel more blessed. Now, one more 50th celebration to go this summer! Hopefully, my business (and my poor tired 50-year old body) survives.



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