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Dana Martin Writing

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A friend who visits this site regularly said that I post only photos of myself that are posed or “perfect”… never candid, goofy or, in his words, showing my authentic self. Hmm. Challenge accepted. I do have a goofy side but very few see it or appreciate it, so I keep it mostly to myself and a very select few (my dog sees it a LOT). Also in my defense, this site IS supposed to be slightly professional. However, it’s August now, and any day I will be a grandmother of 3, so what better reason to show my goofy side in a series (wrinkles and all) I’ll call “my authentic self” because THIS is what my first granddaughter is getting: a promise that life will always be full of fun, laughter… and letting people know how much you love them… with a constant reminder that there are no refunds. I can’t wait to meet you, baby girl! (I’m still not doing resumes for a while!) xo


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