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Before I was a grandma…

This is an ode to when I wasn’t a grandma. When I wasn’t a grandma, I had all the time I needed for work. I worked at a job that took 18 hours a day, at times, and I didn’t think twice about it. I enjoyed working. I’d come home from work, and I’d work MORE on my computer, writing, marketing, social media ads. When I wasn’t a grandma, my house looked just like two empty nesters lived here. When I wasn’t a grandma, I’d been to Disneyland only four times in my life. When I wasn’t a grandma, I thought I knew love. Now, thanks to my grandchildren and my annual Disney pass, I’ve been to Disneyland three times in one week, and back again a month later. I find myself wearing Mickey & Minnie shirts because my grandbabies like it. My house has a baby’s room in it now and a snack cupboard where they know they’ll find goldfish and graham cracker bears. When I wasn’t a grandma, I thought my work defined me… only to learn that now my life is defined my the tiny humans who call me “Mamaw” because they can’t say Grandma yet. And the smiles they give me are WAY more compensation than I ever got from the jobs I’ve worked. Now that I AM a grandma, I know what love really is.


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