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Pink roses & memories

Yes, the Halloween selfies will return soon — maybe sooner even than I think, as I ponder how many orange tops I have that are too warm for me to wear in October. Octobers in California are HOT… so why do I keep buying so many cute Halloween hoodies? I better make use of them now or else I’ll go another year without wearing them. 🙂 Pink roses are my favorite. Only two people have ever known that I love roses to be a very particular color of pink; the first one being an anonymous giver my senior year of high school. However, the dear man got it right again this Valentine’s Day, so here we are (the roses and me) pictured together for our annual photo shoot. On a business-related note, I am doing resumes nearly full-time now. Please keep contacting me, and I will put you in line behind some very happy customers. I want you to get the job, and I want to be a part of helping you. xo

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