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If you don’t help me, who will? I’ve had it with this “being creative” stuff, and now I’m “running” out of time. It’s time for my first ever BLOG giveaway!   To get things “running” in the right direction, let’s start easy: NAME MY BLOG.  It began as “Dana Martin Writing and Editing” and you can see how original that is. Now, it’s morphed into “Dana Says…” which looks only marginally better on the tab, but is really no better than my first attempt.  I’m “running” out of steam and am …read more

Chelsea Handler at the gym

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My next book recommendation is by Chelsea Handler, My Horizontal Life: A collection of one night stands.  As a warning, it’s raw.  It’s raw in the sense that you don’t want to recommend it to your mother for fear she may think YOU’RE into one night stands with midgets and 19-year olds. The language is raw.  At one point, you’ll begin to wonder when you became desensitized to the F-word in all its incarnations. Then you’ll wonder why your sides are aching, and you’ll think of the laughter… and of the F-word. For …read more

A Reliable Wife makes me fit!

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Have you ever heard of a book review before the reviewer has finished reading the book? I’m only seven chapters into this book, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it for weight loss. Let’s face it, exercising is great for you, but it isn’t always the most mentally stimulating activity. Unless you’re in need of deep thought that only the black asphalt can provide, then you’re lucky to find something on the gym televisions to keep your mind off of your screaming muscles. Now that my sore knees are less than …read more

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