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“Name that Blog” Contest Winner

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I get by with a little help from my friends A few weeks ago, I started a contest to name my blog. When I first created my blog, naming it didn’t seem important because the actual name doesn’t show anywhere on the site once you open it. However, when posting blog entries to social networking sites, the blog name displays prominently — so it suddenly became important to come up with a suitable title. I loved so many of the entries; all of them were very specific to my work …read more


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If you don’t help me, who will? I’ve had it with this “being creative” stuff, and now I’m “running” out of time. It’s time for my first ever BLOG giveaway!   To get things “running” in the right direction, let’s start easy: NAME MY BLOG.  It began as “Dana Martin Writing and Editing” and you can see how original that is. Now, it’s morphed into “Dana Says…” which looks only marginally better on the tab, but is really no better than my first attempt.  I’m “running” out of steam and am …read more

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