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Dreaming of “the bigs”

Parents play vital role in son's goal to "rub elbows" with Magic Johnson

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(Ed note: Bakersfield Life Magazine asked me to contribute a column for their January issue. It needed to be relevant to local readers. I am copying it here.) January is a time to celebrate… baseball. –I know, Christmas lights are still twinkling, resolutions are being professed, but preparations are already underway for Opening Day’s first pitch. Ask Bakersfield’s own “little leaguers” of Northwest and Southwest Baseball if January is too soon to talk about it — tryouts for the spring season are just weeks away. And all for what? For …read more

School buses and helium balloons

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We sent our children to school again. For some of us, it was the first time; for others with seniors in high school, it was the last time. There it was. Another school year beginning and I had just one question: Would I make it through the day without crying? To moms everywhere, this is for you. Whether you work a job outside of the home or have chosen to stay home and work, this is for the moments when you sit at your desk or keyboard or kitchen table …read more

Take me out to the ball game 101

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One family’s trek to professional baseball I’m writing this blog series at the urging of an unlikely source–a sports agent. You know, a Jerry Maguire, he was an agent who was vying to represent our son in the 2008 amateur draft. I’ll give you his name later, somewhere in the following blog entries when I take on the task of describing the fantastic journey to professional baseball. Jarret at the Area Code Games in 2006 as a junior He thought I’d done my due diligence in our search for an …read more

Through the Mommy-Cam

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January, 2006.  Yesterday, I had a perfect opportunity to break the law.  My children had orthodontist appointments, but for the first time since getting braces, one of them had a driver’s license. I didn’t have to go! Not that driving down to F Street should compare to the L.A. commute — the office is barely across town and hardly a taxing drive — but I’d been waiting 16 years to have an excuse not to go somewhere with my kids.  From sports practices to doctors’ appointments to dropping off at …read more

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