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“V” is for Veterans

"The Cell Phone" - A Memorial Day Tribute

Sometimes it just happens. Whether from being in the right place at the right time, providence, or simply an act of fate, occasionally we get an opportunity to enter someone’s circle of healing. As Rob and I left the movie theater one night a few years ago, my mood couldn’t have been more charitable. We had just seen a comedy, emptied an entire large bucket of popcorn and a bag of M&Ms, and laughed like two carefree kids. As we crossed the parking lot and contemplated our next high caloric …read more

On grief and piña coladas

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What I learned from the shoreline As I previously admitted, I recently hit the bottom of the writing well and found it dry. But that’s OK. Some people find inspiration in sadness and turmoil; I am not one of those people. My desire to write comes from happiness. And opening this blog today to write is a very good sign that there might be water in the well yet. For roughly two handfuls of people, this is welcome news. My natural habitat is happiness; my innate disposition is joy, and …read more

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