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New digs for my blog

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          It isn’t that my old blog was bad, it was fine. But “fine” to a writer about her blog is the equivalent of an airline pilot confessing that his company’s safety record is just “fine.” I am looking for “spotless” or “unblemished” or “immaculate” when it comes to flying. (Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with airline safety?  Even my analogies incorporate the fear of flying.  I need to get over this.) So when I created my website last year, I had the web designer …read more

The new dining room set

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Most of the time, home improvement logs begin on Day 1.  Not this one, and that’s because on Day 1, I didn’t realize it was Day 1.  In fact, I never thought the simple act of purchasing a new dining room set would be the catalyst for a Day 1, much less a Day 10. So I sit typing this in my makeshift office, using a footstool and my flatware drawer as a desk.  There are six strangers in my house, and my coffee pot is on the floor.  The …read more

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