When a sweet old grandmother decides she wants to forego every holiday and celebrate Halloween year-round, her family must decide how they are going to deal with her passion for spooky things.
When Santa's terrible toothache one year threatens to cancel his December travel plans, Mrs. Claus gets help from a surprising source to ensure that the children of the world still receive their toys by Christmas morning. A story of persistence, ingenuity, preparation and girl power that's sure to become a family favorite.
There's a reason Papa John's belly is so big! Papa John is a darling, dear man, who loves eating sweets. However, the day finally comes when he realizes that his big, round belly has gotten TOO large for his health, so he finds a delightful, imaginative way to explain to his grandchildren what might be the culprit, while promising each one that he will start eating right and becoming healthier.
Everyone knows what Santa does on Christmas Eve each year, but what about the other 364 days? Does it take that long to build the new toys for next Christmas? Do they stay at the North Pole? Find out in this whimsical tale of Santa and his family and what they do when they aren't in their workshop building toys.
In this special edition of the previously published book, "Where does Santa go after Christmas?", we learn where Santa and his family go each year once all of his Christmas Eve duties are complete. Read about Santa's travels and hobbies, reindeer fun, and the adventures of Mrs. Claus during her time away from the North Pole. In this special edition, we learn that Santa travels to the magical, sparkly Bakersfield Christmas Town each year following Thanksgiving, where he stays until Christmas Eve, when he must return to the North Pole so he can deliver toys to the children of the world. *Please note that this is a special edition of a previously published book and is written with great affection for the elves of Bakersfield's Christmas Town in Bakersfield, Calif.
At 17, Danielle Marie Gould died in a tragic car accident. She was gone instantly, but when firefighters arrived on scene, they saw something written on Danielle's hand that would stop them in their tracks and start a chain reaction of faith and healing that no one could anticipate after such a tragic loss. Grief over the death of a loved one can be an almost unbearable experience, especially when it involves the loss of a child. In One Extraordinary Life, Pastor Mike Osthimer presents the lives of two young girls who died just two months apart, tragedies that tested the faith of the families involved and the church family, itself. Osthimer uses his own research on grief and his experiences counseling grief-stricken people to try to bring hope to what seems like a hopeless situation. In One Extraordinary Life, you will meet Danielle Gould and learn how she lived, who she loved, and discover the legacy she left for the world.
Sheriff Matthew Klein is dumbfounded, not even his past as a homicide detective had prepared him for this gruesome scene. This was more than a murder; what had happened was abominable. Hanging above a bed, in what appeared to be spider's silk, are the naked dead bodies of a husband and wife. The circumstances of their deaths are beyond belief. Their bodies hollow and sunken, it is almost as if something has sucked out their insides. This is not something that he felt could happen in Blackstone Pass. This is not a place where people are murdered. It is a world famous resort town located on the pristine Blackstone Lake, summertime home and playground to the rich and famous. But it is not summer right now -- it is the dead of winter.
This month, please enjoy Unholy Hunger, by Heather James, a local Bakersfield attorney and columnist for The Bakersfield Californian. I met Heather in 2008 when she wrote articles for The Northwest Voice. In Unholy Hunger, you meet Evelyn Barrett, who wants to die after her only child is murdered--but I'm not revealing the PLOT to you; readers learn of this catastrophe in the first few pages, and the drama and tension build from there!
Everybody is born to be a winner, but not everybody knows how. WINNER offers practical ideas and encouragement to everybody who is determined to develop a winning mindset, outlining winning moves for business and life. WINNER explores Lance Mackey's life and career and parallels these with stories of endurance and resolve from the business world. Lance developed qualities and habits inside his determination. This book will help you do the same. Move forward NOW to fulfill your greatest dreams.
A compilation of short stories about what life was like for a boy growing up in the Kentucky foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in the years of the Great Depression—a time when the ugly face and the hopeless hands of poverty had a firm grip on most of the families in the region. Where illegal moonshine whiskey flowed as free as water. It’s been said that the place was so remote that only God and the Internal Revenue Service knew where it was located. These stories are true life experiences with some humor and words of wisdom thrown in for good measure.
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