I am Dana, a writer, editor

and small business owner living in the thriving metropolis of Bakersfield, California.

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A Little About Me…

I am best characterized as a ringmaster of many circuses, but I’ve actually made money as a freelance writer for various magazines, as a nine-time contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul, and working with haunted attractions across the United States. I was the president of Writers of Kern for five years and the editor of the nation’s first citizen journalism magazine, The Northwest Voice. When I earned my degree in English, someone said, “Wow, you just wasted four years of college on a degree you can never use.” My response was, “It took me nine years, thank you.” I am a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I wear cowboy boots a lot because they’re my favorite, I mind my own business, and I am a follower of Jesus. I fail Him daily, but He is pretty cool with that–I mean, I’m working on it, but He’s cool while I work on it.

My birth stone is a coffee bean.

The Halloween Granny is here!

Just in time for Halloween, my second children’s book came out last week! I wrote The Halloween Granny about a silly old grandma, who loves Halloween and wants to keep her her house decorated with scary stuff all year long. She loves to dress in costumes every day, watch scary movies, and make her house SO fun for her grandkids that they ask to visit her all the time. Her family must decide how they are going to deal with Granny’s penchant for Halloween. I wrote this story with NO particular grandma in mind, of course; she’s totally fictional… although my oldest grandson has been asking to come see me A LOT lately. I can’t imagine why. 🙂 Sometimes, all we need to feel connected to someone is simply the shared love of a holiday. Right? Happy Halloween! xo

"You may have a hard time pinning one down, but once you've won the heart of a Gemini, it's yours for life. No refunds."
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On the eve of October

Twas the night before October, and all through the house, All the creatures were stirring, except for my spouse. He was golfing! Big shock! He was gone all the time, But his absence, you’ll see, is clearly no crime! When he leaves for long hours, the elves have a...

Facebook’s memory lane

Facebook has this feature to remind you of what you were doing “on this day” in the past. In the same way the news media scours for dirt, Facebook will mine your social history to expose some posts you wish would disappear, like my dorky posts from when I...

September, oh September!

My interviews are finished, and I cannot BELIEVE how many highly qualified, beautiful, educated, faithful, amazing women applied for a job with me! They each said they’d heard wonderful things about SHE and wanted to be a part of it. THAT IS GOD! I am so grateful to Him...

Dana Martin Writing

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