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Flowers after the rain

As the summer rolls along (happy first day of summer, btw!), I’m one birthday older and what I hope is much wiser. After the loss of my mom and after the pandemic (is it really even over?), things had to change, of course, but never to the degree I imagined they would for me and for just about every member of my family. Through loss, failures, apathy, problems, dark tunnels, vast oceans of grief over losing a loved one or a business, only one remained who was steadfast. In fact, He was the one who protected us during the storms and even offered grace (He does that… it’s sort of His thing). When jobs or people were removed, when babies got sick or employment dwindled, God showed up and showed off and made clear the path when the pathway lights were dim. And when we went through our first Christmas without our beautiful matriarch, God decided to bless us three times over before next Christmas in the form of three new grandbabies on the way! God is steadfast; we are the ones who falter. However, in all of our trials, I never gave up and, in fact, my faith increased even more. Each time something happened, God did His thing, He showed off and showed up, and He has made me want to follow Him, not just believe in Him. Thank you for your TONS of support during all of this, still reaching out with your writing projects and making me smile. God bless you, and enjoy your summer! ~Dana

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