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Autumn is drawing near

I had another of my recurring dreams last night about Halloween and haunted houses, so I woke up and prayed for the participants in my dream (though they have no idea they were actually IN my dream nor for whom I’m praying), and I’m smiling. God often shares with me through dreams the people for whom I am supposed to be praying. Although most people don’t consider it such, September is, to me, the beginning of Halloween season and all the fun of fall (even if we are still suffering 100 degree temps). This mug I’m holding was a MUST-HAVE for the 2021 season, as it represents one of the last scenes I helped create on our hayride and the song that scared our guests in the corn that year (tip o’ the hat to my son Jarret for the idea for that scary scene!). But if Halloween isn’t your thing (what’s wrong with you?), I’m still doing resumes and editing your novels, so please click the contact button on this site and send me a note about your project. Life is short: Change jobs, write that novel, call your mom, go to a haunted house. There are no refunds! xo

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