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Whether your project needs a little touch-up or a complete makeover, you’ll find the right amount of artistry and care using Dana Martin Writing and Editing services. Mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling reflect negatively on your book project  or business. Don’t allow copy errors to be your calling card.

“Good grammar is credibility, especially on the internet. In blog posts, on Facebook statuses, in e-mails, and on company websites, your words are all you have. They are a projection of you in your physical absence. And, for better or worse, people judge you if you can’t tell the difference between their, there, and they’re.” ~ Kyle Wiens

Services tailored for businesses and individuals.


  • An independent contractor for businesses
  • Newsletter writing/editing
  • Memo and letter writing/editing
  • Social media management (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Copy editor for any written product
  • E-blasts, company newsletters, correspondence
  • Web content editor

Why hire an independent contractor over a full-time employee?

  • No health insurance coverage
  • No workers’ compensation
  • No retirement, 401K, or paid vacations
  • Full productivity, even on nights and weekends
  • You pay for nothing other than your perfected project


  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Proofreading, copyediting and line editing novels and self-published books, websites, e-blasts, memos, letters, articles, fliers, resumes, newsletters, essays, term papers, and more
  • Obituary writing (see pricing below)
  • Resume writing (contact me for personalized and affordable pricing using the form at the bottom of this page)
  • Haunted Backstory writing
  • Flat rate pricing, customized to your haunted attraction’s ideas, props, and specifics. Please click on Haunted Backstories for more info.
  • Critiquing
  • Manuscripts (novels, reports, short stories, etc.), essays, letters and more
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Personal coaching (your creative cheerleader!) and consulting via telephone, FaceTime, Zoom, chat, text messages, and e-mail
  • Reviewing
  • Dana will read your book, article, essay, etc., and provide constructive feedback

Whether a novelist, a student, or anyone with a document in need of a little polishing, Dana Martin Writing will design an affordable plan to make your project sparkle.

Description of Services

Does your project need polishing? Dana Martin Writing offers a level of editing to meet your needs.


For this level, clients receive a consultation appointment via telephone, email or Skype to discuss specific needs.  Level 1 is ideal for the client who isn’t sure how much editing he/she needs and requires one-on-one assistance and a 2-3 page consultation. If you’ve never received any type of professional guidance, then Level 1 is a great starting point. Pricing for this level is a flat rate of $50.

Clients choosing to move forward after a consultation will deliver the first 100 pages of manuscript for a fixed rate, then, based on recommendations, choose services from the levels below.


Clients choosing this level receive corrections including:

  • Apostrophes
  • Commas
  • Capitalization
  • Numbers/time
  • Spelling
  • Flagging repeated words/phrases
  • Some formatting

Level 2 editing service is essential for the client who isn’t sure where to place commas or paragraph breaks or is worried about the overall correctness of their writing.  A manuscript with poor grammar is like a great song with a terrible singer; you don’t want a publisher or potential client “changing the station” before hearing what a great story or product you have.

Novelists – your manuscript should shine, and if you haven’t paid attention to the most basic elements of grammar, then a prospective agent or publisher may not take the time to learn about your plot, characters, setting or the greatness of your writing talent.


Maybe you need more help.  Grammar issues aside, there are a number of other red flags in writing that can distract the flow of your story. Clients choosing this level receive all Level 1 services and Level 2 services including:

  • Dialog (including structure and tags)
  • Sentence structure
  • Readability
  • Redundancy
  • Narration issues
  • Word choice
  • Tense
  • Fragments
  • Paragraph inserts

Level 3 editing services cover most issues unrelated to content, plot, characterization, realism, and other problems new writers have in the development of their story. For Level 3, clients will receive guidance to make their project structurally and grammatically correct. Services do not include a critique of your work. Please contact Dana to request this service.

Specialty Writing

Dana Martin Writing also offers writing services for obituaries, feature stories, articles, and some types of fiction, including creating back-stories for haunted attractions.


Contact Dana with your project details for a free rate quote. Obituary writing is low cost and sensitive to the economy and to grieving families. Resume cost varies depending on the speed of delivery and complexity of the document. Overall pricing is competitive with current market rates. For information about current market rates, please visit the Editorial Freelancers Association.


DMW will select ghostwriting projects on a limited basis only. Full-length novels can take five to seven months to complete depending on the length of the work. Prices for full-length novels (200-300 pages) range from $20,000 to $26,000 and require a 20% down payment.

Let’s get started!

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