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At 17, Danielle Marie Gould died in a tragic car accident. She was gone instantly, but when firefighters arrived on scene, they saw something written on Danielle’s hand that would stop them in their tracks and start a chain reaction of faith and healing that no one could anticipate after such a tragic loss. Grief over the death of a loved one can be an almost unbearable experience, especially when it involves the loss of a child. In One Extraordinary Life, Pastor Mike Osthimer presents the lives of two young girls who died just two months apart, tragedies that tested the faith of the families involved and the church family, itself. Osthimer uses his own research on grief and his experiences counseling grief-stricken people to try to bring hope to what seems like a hopeless situation. In One Extraordinary Life, you will meet Danielle Gould and learn how she lived, who she loved, and discover the legacy she left for the world.

"A gifted writer! Dana is professional, creative and never misses a deadline."
- Richard Beene, CEO of The Bakersfield Californian

Why hire an employee for part-time work that carries full-time implications? Dana Martin Writing is an independent contractor for businesses in need of a professional writer and editor. Paying per project saves your company the expenses involved in hiring a full-time employee.

You wouldn’t ask a mechanic to fix your teeth, so why would you trust your company’s image to anyone other than a professional? Check out my services to see what I can do for you!

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