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Chelsea Handler at the gym

My next book recommendation is by Chelsea Handler, My Horizontal Life: A collection of one night stands.  As a warning, it’s raw.  It’s raw in the sense that you don’t want to recommend it to your mother for fear she may think YOU’RE into one night stands with midgets and 19-year olds.

The language is raw.  At one point, you’ll begin to wonder when you became desensitized to the F-word in all its incarnations. Then you’ll wonder why your sides are aching, and you’ll think of the laughter… and of the F-word.

For my friends who are already freaked out that I write horror stories, I hope you still want to have lunch with me when you learn how much I LOVED this book.  (On second thought, you’re all probably celebrating the loss of my prudishness and my graduation into adulthood).  I loved every second of it, although keep in mind that my current trend is to read on the elliptical machine at Fitness 19; so ANY book that gets me to the gym to READ (exercising is a side affect) for an hour scores a 10. 

I selected this book by the same ridiculously simple method that made Outlander by Dianna Gabaldon, The Wilde Women by Paula Wall, and The Reliable Wife* by Robert Goolrick jump into my cart: I turn to a random page and make sure the author has something special about his/her writing style.  For Chelsea, the random page made me laugh so hard at the best-seller rack at Barnes & Noble that one page turned into 20, so I felt obligated to make a purchase. Great purchase!!

Feel free to click on my bookshelf over there à
I can recommend all the books on the shelf — some are great summer reads.  Ask me anything about them, and I will tell you why to buy them or, heck, will lend you my copy.


*P.S.  And for anyone who doesn’t see the subtlety in The Reliable Wife and think it’s trash with too much description, please remember that not all our books begin with See Dick, See Jane.  This is a wonderfully complex psychologically intense novel, and the descriptions keep it from being Chick Lit.

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