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“Name that Blog” Contest Winner

I get by with a little help from my friends

A few weeks ago, I started a contest to name my blog. When I first created my blog, naming it didn’t seem important because the actual name doesn’t show anywhere on the site once you open it. However, when posting blog entries to social networking sites, the blog name displays prominently — so it suddenly became important to come up with a suitable title.

I loved so many of the entries; all of them were very specific to my work and showed lots of thought and creativity. But as you can see, I chose one that probably nobody thought had a chance and, in fact, the person who submitted the title most likely did it with tongue in cheek.  I’ll explain why I chose it in a second. But first, my other favorites were: 
Writing in Pajamas. I chose this entry first but then discovered that the amazing artwork on my blog is of a perfectly coiffed blond wearing super cute work clothes. Bummer, because I really liked this entry.

Literary Latte.  This entry was a close second because of my outstanding and often overwhelming love of coffee and literature.  However, as my business, blogs, and life morph into the scary, haunted, and spooky type stuff for half of every year, I felt this title was too narrow to describe all the topics I’ll cover in my blog.

Inked in Java.  Loved this one, nearly chose it, too.

Ready… Set… Write.  Very creative and, again, another of my top choices. Loved this one.

In the end, I chose “More than 10,000 Monkeys Can Handle” for two reasons: 1. It epitomizes what a circus I can be at times, and 2. It’s that super elusive, strangely intriguing title that makes people click on it just to see what it’s all about. It’s not too revealing, and it’s quirky enough to make some bloggers click on it to find out what it means.

Congratulations, David Luter!  I’ll be awaiting a text to learn which of my Chicken Soup titles you’d like as your winning prize.  🙂


  • Bekah Snow

    SO much fun! Great choice : )

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