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“D” is for Daughters

Grateful April in the A-Z Blogging Challenge
I am not one of those people who write their posts beforehand. In my inaugural attempt at completing this blog challenge, I understand that some writers have their 26 stories completed ahead of time. Really?? I didn’t do any pre-thinking before joining this challenge, much less pre-writing. So when you read one of my blogs during the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge, you’re reading words inspired just moments before typing them, after my two cups of liquid sunshine.
This post is different. We will be driving by 6am on the day “D” is due, so I felt compelled to write early. This one is easy. No offense to Jarret if I don’t commit “S” to Son, but today, I am most definitely grateful for having Daughters.
I grew up without a sister, and I can never fully explain to those of you who have a sister what it’s like to grow up without one. So when I learned that my third child would be another girl, I wept. I did not realize how badly I’d wanted a sister for Jordyn until the doctor told me the sweet little blob in my belly was female. I began to daydream about them sharing clothes, late night conversations, and each other’s weddings.
Everything I had missed, I wanted for them.
My plans for them came true, but not in exactly the way I imagined. Sharing clothes became stealing clothes, which led to one daughter putting a lock on her door at 20 years old, but whatever. Other than that, it’s been pretty smooth.
Dana Martin bakersfield
Jaisyn, Allison, Dana & Jordyn
But then, my family grew. I gained another daughter.
When my kids were younger, circumstances led to creating a family law around our home: As each of the children get married, their spouses will become my children. No exceptions. Therefore, when Jarret became engaged a few years ago, he gave me a blessing to which I will be eternally grateful–the beautiful Allison. 
My biological daughters love her, too. Whether it was by my prior coaching about acceptance, family, and love or by Allie’s naturally loving, gracious, thoughtful disposition, the three of them have bonded and understand that we are now a family of six. And when my daughters marry, Jarret understands that he will have two new brothers.
I am the grateful one. One day I will have six kids instead of three.
I am grateful for Jordyn. She is so considerate. She takes on my housework burdens as her own and shops, wraps, cleans, and decorates without expecting a ‘thank you.’ She is a natural mother and homemaker because of her love of children and craftiness, and she’s also intelligent and sharp enough to be a CEO. Her spirit is all lightness; she laughs more than she talks, and her joy sparkles from her eyes like diamonds. The special quality Jordyn possesses is forgiveness; she doesn’t hold grudges. She loves Jesus and it shows all over her happy face.
I am grateful for Jaisyn. When Jaisyn was just 3-years old, something happened one night when I was putting her to bed. She was getting drowsy, and as I leaned down to kiss her goodnight, she reached up and touched my face with her tiny little hand and said, “I remember touching God’s face.” She smiled, rolled over, and left me speechless. That was when I knew the Holy Spirit was in her, and every year after she became a stronger example of His goodness. Jaisyn’s unique quality is her empathy; she can see all sides to every issue and wants to help heal all wounds. She is a good friend and confronts conflict with fairness and communication. She’s also the life of any party. Ahem. 
I am grateful for Allie, who saw fit to say yes when Jarret asked her to marry him. It isn’t easy being separated from your soul mate for so many months out of the year while he is off chasing his dream with the Los Angeles Dodgers. When most girls would forego their own lives and education because of the hoped-upon and assumed “riches” of professional baseball, Allie has sacrificed time with Jarret, postponed their wedding, and worked tirelessly to get her bachelor degree in nursing. And she isn’t just getting by, she is top in her class at the university. Allie’s unique quality is loyalty to those she loves. You can cross her, perhaps, and be OK. But cross someone she loves and you may as well walk away for good.
These are my daughters, they are sisters, and I am one grateful momma. 
dana martin writing bakersfield allie jarret martin
Sister, sister, sister, momma


  • Craig Edwards

    You have a lovely family. Great getting to know them a little today!

  • Kym Showers

    love love love! daughters&sisters&moms&friends….. such a GIGANTIC GIFT!!!! Yay!!!! (….you're all sooooo BEautiFuL!!!)

  • Joan Raymond

    Such a beautiful tribute to your daughters. God has given you three amazing gifts.

  • Annis Cassells

    As the mother of two daughters, I can attest to the preciousness of this bond with them and the joy of seeing the special relationship they have with each other. Lovely post, Dana, full of love and your blessings.


  • Jer

    Beautiful tribute! I have two beautiful, wonderful daughters, but as I'm sure you know, the father-daughter relationship is, ah, different. But we're both enormously blessed.

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Dana .. well written and I'm so pleased to read about your daughters – all 4 … and as Jer says a great tribute to you and your husband .. sounds a great family … Cheers Hilary

  • Robin

    The connection between your daughters is clear. The fact that ALL of you get along so well is a blessing. The part of the story when Jaisyn related to you at three that she had "touched God's face" sent a shiver down my spine. I think that we remember things when we are very young that we forget when we are older. It sounds like she has a very special connection to God.

  • A month of....Blog

    Beautiful family! (Oh, and I also posted on coffee yesterday…)I am lucky enough to have three sisters. Looking forward to the rest of your A – Z posts!

  • Dennis

    Adopted daughters, adopted sons, adopted grandchildren. It all makes sense to me. And, I am grateful. Keep it up, Dana, this is great!

  • Jay Noel

    I had a tough time picking you out in that top picture with you and your daughters. Love this post.

    My daughter's name is Ally (short for Alyssa). She is an 8 year old firecracker.

    That's a great pic below too – you all look like Power Rangers!

  • Dana Martin

    Thanks guys!!! I am still traveling but will be home soon to visit your "D" efforts, which I'm sure are all A efforts. :))

  • Jonathan

    You have a beautiful family, Dana. I can relate to this post quite a lot having grown up with two sisters and a lot of strong-willed aunts.

    You made my "D" effort look like a C effort, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 🙂

  • Dana Martin

    Jonathan, you and Jarret seem to have a lot in common. 🙂

    I'll be the judge of your "D" effort. 🙂

  • DiscConnected

    Neat post. I came from a family of six children, so while I've never had a family of my own, I am grateful for the big family I've had my whole life.

    But you gotta give that boy the letter "S!"


  • Arlee Bird

    Beautiful job and beautiful family. I do so relate. I have four daughters who are probably about the same age of yours and I am very proud of them and love them dearly. And now I have two granddaughters which is an absolute joy for me. Whatever they are, kids are a real blessing. Most of the time at least.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  • Kathy Wiechman

    What a beautiful family! You are truly blessed. I also have 2 daughters & a daughter-in-law (married to one of my 2 sons) who's a nurse. As you do, I treasure them all (& my 3 "special needs" grandchildren).

  • Frances Stiles

    I love this, Dana! I was lucky to grow up with and still live 1 block from my wonderful sister, Ele. She has always been a blessing. Your girls sound wonderful and your plus one, Allie sounds like she's fitting right in. It's so nice to hear about a Mom who is so proud of her children and obviously loves them too. Wonderful!

  • mare ball

    So sweet. I have ONE daughter, and she must put up with all the attention and nonsense we bestow on her, b/c she's the only one. (I have two boys as well.) Daughters are the best – not that I don't love my boys, they are cool too. But, having a girl to truly a delight!!
    from The Dugout

  • Michelle

    Having a close relationship to my sisters, I've always felt like I let my daughter down a little by not giving her a sister. The upside is, she and her older brother are best of friends, and always have been. My sisters and I fought like crazy when younger, but my kids never have. When we brought 'baby' home, my son took to her and that was all they wrote.

  • Kathy

    You have a lovely family! My sister and I never got along at all. So when I was pregnant, I wished for a boy so my daughter could have a little brother. That is what I got. Like you, when my kids marry I will be gaining a son and daughter and I look forward to the experience!


  • Jenn Flynn-Shon

    When we were younger my sister and I fought a lot, I chalk it up to normal sibling rivalry. But as we started approaching our tween years we became best friends. My sister is one of my very favorite people in this whole world. Its wonderful how your family is growing! Congratulations 🙂

  • Kim Van Sickler

    Girl power!

  • Mark Means

    'Waves hi from the bloghop'

    Great blog and your thoughts remind me of my own mother in law. She treated me more like a son than a son-in-law.

    Left and Write

  • C. Kirk

    Beautiful girls! Great family love even for the in-laws (in-loves).

    Chontali Kirk

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