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“L” is for Laughter

Grateful April in the A-Z Blogging Challenge

Just thinking about this word makes me laugh. As I poured coffee today and thought about the possible “L” words for which I am grateful, laughter came to mind–and I nearly started to laugh. Prior to actually finishing the first cup of coffee, though, I’d say grinning was probably the best I could do.

That isn’t true. I Laugh. At. Everything. And I don’t need coffee to get me started.

I wasn’t always aware that I laughed at everything. It took years of living with someone who did not laugh like an idiot over everything to discover that I do. Commercials, thoughts, facial expressions, voice inflections–they make me laugh. Out loud. I am not one of those people who laugh softly or politely; I laugh hearty and loud. My laughs are like earthquakes–the potential for a little rumble is always there below the surface. You can never anticipate when “the big ones” will happen, but when they do… duck and cover.

See, laughing for me involves my entire body. If something is really funny, I will employ my arms, legs, bend at the waist, throw my head back, and nudge the person beside me. I’m sorry in advance if this is ever you. If it’s just THAT funny, I may need to involve you in it.

Laughing is great for the ego, too. Not mine–yours. How awesome is it to have a friend who laughs at all your funny things? Need some self confidence? Come see me. I’m a one-woman ego boosting machine.


I didn’t realize the hilarity gene was transferred through DNA. About the time I was noticing that I laughed (at everything), my middle child Jordyn was a few months old and getting her voice. When she was old enough to sit up and watch her older brother’s antics, the laughter began. She’s 21 years old now, and nothing has changed. When he comes home during the off-season of pro baseball, our house turns into an improv club. And I am grateful for it. His brand of silly works with her style of humor, and the combination produces a symphony of laughter–her laughs trigger my laughs, and then Jarret laughs at making us laugh.

Laughter. I seem to get along really well with others who laugh a lot. An example is my best friend, Kris. Lately, we’ve been communicating mostly via text messages until we can get together in person. But every once in a while, one of us will need to pick up the phone and call the other. More often than not, instead of “Hello?” we will answer with laughter. She will laugh, then I will laugh. And before long, the first 30 seconds of the phone call is shared laughter about which neither of us knows.

Kris, making me laugh.

There’s friendship laughter, intimate laughter, stranger laughter, and laughter you seek by watching or listening to something funny. I am grateful for every kind. I even laugh by myself–at myself–when I’m alone. And those “LOLOLOLs” I use in response to texts, messages, and comments? Ya, those are real.

I am grateful for the way it makes me feel. Sometimes I seek laughter like a drug. On my DVR are over 30 saved episodes of I Love Lucy. If I need to laugh, Lucy is my fix.

Laughter is said to increase longevity of life. If that’s true, I may live forever. In conclusion this fine Saturday, let me leave you with an obscure clip from my favorite episode. Ricky learns “perfect English.” Go ahead… laugh. You’re adding years.


  • Jer

    First comment! Podium finish!

    Oh, this is so you, Martin. But don't sweat it. People like me who are always trying to be funny (and batting .162) really appreciate people who laugh at everything.

  • Dana Martin

    See… that just made me laugh. LOLOL Oh, you just gave me an idea to add to this post!!!

    Congrats on being 1st. You're always first with me, buddy. 🙂

  • Judy

    The way I laugh depends totally on who I'm with. My daughter and my sister make me laugh the most – where I cry and I can't even talk and it's so so SO fun!

  • Annis Cassells

    Back in 19 hundred and 95, at a not-so-happy time in my life, a woman named Annette Goodheart presented a "lecture" call Laughter Therapy that all of us counseling program students were required to attend. She walked out on the stage and stood there laughing. She never said a word but kept laughing; soon a few in the audience began laughing, and before too long, the whole house gurgled and exploded with laughter. It was great! She went on to explain about the contagion of laughter and the health benefits, and throughout her talk, there was constant laughter. It did me a lot of good.

    Well, I'm going to stop now. This feels like an upcoming post on my blog.

    Loved your piece, Dana, and look forward to next week when I can see you in laughter action again.


  • Kathy Wiechman

    I love Lucy, too! My favorite episode is where Fred & Ricky load the trunk for the Hollywwod trip totally oblivious to the others piling a ton of stuff on the sidewalk.
    The first time my husband (then boyfriend) came for Sunday dinner, he sat & read the Sunday funnies while I set the table for Mom. He laughed out loud while he read them, & I knew he was the ONE.

  • Craig Edwards

    Laughter is so wonderful! I think it's awesome that you have I Love Lucy on your DVR!

  • Robin

    Did you hear about the fellow who cured himself of cancer by watching I Love Lucy? He believed that the constant laughter triggered good healthy and killed the cancer in his body. I am not saying yea or nay, but the dude is now healthy and the cancer is gone. He didn't go through any chemo or any of that junk. His cure: I Love Lucy. If I ever get cancer, that is a cure I would prefer. Laughter the cure to disease. I can believe it. I can't remember who said it but… "The wasted day of all is the one without laughter." I might not have it exactly right, but it's close enough.

    Anyway, this is a great post. We all need to laugh more. It's good for your health!!!

  • Jonathan

    I love to laugh but I quickly discovered that I enjoy making people laugh even more. I have no problem making a fool of myself as long as it gets some laughs. It seems that was passed down through the men in my family; we're just a bunch of wild ole jokers with a few old coots thrown in for good measure.

  • Kimberly Gabriel

    I love the story of your kids gathering together and laughing. How wonderful! Your daughter's picture is precious. My three year old LOVES to laugh. His laugh is infectious, and I'm so grateful for it. He was born a preemie and spent the first couple years of his life in and out of the hospital. It was heartwrenching – but we used to have dance parties in his hospital rooms to keep him laughing. One of my life's proudest moments was when I had a nurse after one of his surgeries tell me that she's never seen a chronically sick kid like my kid laugh so much. 😉 Doesn't get better than that.

  • Frances Stiles

    There are few things as much fun as laughing and it truly is a gift and something to be grateful for. Thanks, Dana!

  • Michelle

    It's a well known family fact that when my sisters I and I start laughing, we loose all strength in our arms, and we laugh all the time when we are together. This is important to our poor husbands who have tried to help us move furniture. We get a fit of giggles and the desk remains wedged in the door!

  • Misha Gericke

    It's great to laugh easily. In fact, I think it's a blessing.

    My Writing Blog
    My Life Blog

  • Maria Dunn

    Hi Dana, Visiting from A to Z. I love your L word, laughter. I have friends whose laugh s just make me all warm inside. One such friend and I have that relationship you describe with Chris, your friend. I feel like we are Lucy and Ethel, so your finale clip just really was a perfect synopsis for me. And your photos just ooze with the joy of laughter. I am so glad I was drawn to visit your blog and share a little laughter. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living

  • Eileen Ludwig

    Great to have a friend who laughs

  • A Beer For The Shower

    I love laughter (and I also love I Love Lucy). What I don't love are the people who say "LOL" verbally when you crack a joke, instead of just laughing.

  • Kym Showers

    Love Love THiS! I love laughter…laughing…making people laugh….& i especially LoVE people who are QUIcK to laugh! What a delight you are! Gratitude equals Joy. Joy equals LAUGHtER! Happy Happy Monday Darling Dana!!!!

  • fruitfulwords

    Dana, I am sure enjoying your themed approach to the A-Z challenge. Laughter is also a fave of mine although I don't laugh easily or out loud very often.

    If I could have a super power it would be laughter. If more people (myself included) laughed more, what a happier, saner world this would be.

    Thanks for a great read and yes, it made me laugh.

  • Dana Martin

    Thank you to everyone!!! I will be visiting your blogs shortly. Love all these great comments. Having a blast with this challenge and love, love, love meeting new people!! xo

  • Dennis

    It's true! Laughter is the best medicine. Like you, Dana, I am grateful for the people in my life with whom I share the gift of laughter.

  • Beverly

    It's always fun hearing about your laugh-filled life, Dana! (I've missed you in Movieland lately.)

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Dana .. laughter is essential in life – I really learnt to laugh when my mother became ill, then my uncle – and they needed the laughs, and so did I as exhaustion took hold.

    Great fun family time you must have … sounds lovely and I do enjoy lots of laughs .. cheers Hilary

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