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Frightening fall tradition opens this weekend

Talladega Frights gears up for guests with new attractions and DJ dance parties

Talladega Frights gears up for guests with new attractions and DJ dance parties

If all the new construction gets finished before opening night this Friday, the folks at Talladega Frights will feel relief from a great amount of pressure.

“We like to make everything new. After our Friday the 13th event in June, we tore down seventy-five percent of the haunted houses and even built an additional attraction, so we have been feeling quite a bit of pressure to get all the changes done in time,” said Mike Wilbur, the attraction’s creator.
Wicked Dark, Talladega Frights, Bakersfield

Talladega Frights, located inside the Kern County Museum, opens this Friday, runs every Thursday to Sunday through November 2 and features numerous changes, including the all new Wicked Dark maze, where guests will slide down a 100-foot slide to exit the haunt.

“We do some pretty crazy things, and building a slide tunnel exit is one of them. It’s never been done here before.

“We like to have fun, so we build that way. If we are having fun, so will our guests.”

Part of that fun includes a weekend DJ dance party, a new feature for the 2014 season.

“We experimented with the dance parties during our off-season events. They were so popular that we decided to bring them back every Friday and Saturday nights during this season,” said Wilbur, adding that the dance party is included in the Friday and Saturday ticket prices.

Talladega Frights is a safe, alcohol-free environment, so Wilbur says parents can feel good about dropping off their kids.

“We see all ages on the dance floor. Instead of hanging out at the Market Place or the mall, we feel we give kids a safe, fun environment to hang out all night. They get to meet new people and dance with our monsters.”

Once customers are in the gate, they can tour the haunted houses and then dance until close.

Monsters on the dance floor, a 100-foot slide exit, new mazes, and all the spookiness synonymous with the name Talladega Frights. This is one fall tradition that doesn’t seem to get old.

No pressure.

Info box: When: Friday, Sept. 26 – Sunday, Nov. 2 (Thurs.-Sun.) 7pm-midnight Fri./Sat.; 7pm-10pm Thurs./Sun. Where: Talladega Frights inside the Kern County Museum, 3801 Chester Ave. Admission: $20 at the gate or at www.TalladegaFrights.com, $27 combo

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