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Almost June…

In the midst of the busy, I get this.

I have to share this. May is a busy month for my company–lack of sleep, working around the clock, my daughter graduated from college (my alma mater… see photo!), my other daughter is having another baby… and, well, LIFE. However, in the midst of all this, God always provides little happy moments that get us through what may be stressful, busy times. For me, it was a response we received to our 10-question survey we send out after each Schoolhouse Escapes game. Here is what one teacher wrote:

“The games were exciting and fun for all students, from my lowest to my highest. They gave my students an opportunity to work together and help each other out. They were all eager to open the locks and find the treasure inside. The cipher wheel was unique and something new for many of them, which made it even more fun. One of the best programs I have seen from an outside source in my 22 years of teaching!!”

Ahhh…Yes! I think I can make it the few more days of May.

CSUB dana martin Jaisyn hough
Decades apart, but same college graduation.

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