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A toast to a new book!

I took this photo in my office when I learned that my second Christmas book will be available on Amazon before Thanksgiving! This is my celebratory toast to my illustrators, who are solely responsible for making me look good in the books my company has been producing since this summer. Juan (who enjoys a good Malbec) lives in Argentina and Isabel lives in Spain, and their talent gives life to my words. As an aside, just when I stop omitting the reminder that I’m not doing resumes for a while… I started getting multiple requests for resumes. I know it’s difficult to be without a job around the holidays, so I am back doing resumes until the winter is over. I have a lot to be thankful for this November, so I offer each of you a toast to good things, good tidings, prosperity, health and more happiness than your heart can hold. Life is short…you know the rest.

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