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Extended December

Anyone who knows me well knows I can’t stand NYE, or, to be honest, the entire month of January. The whole “starting over” thing is a bit overrated for me; I’d rather hit the ground running without yammering on about regrets, changes or new diets. I love the holidays, but I don’t count New Year’s (eve, day) as part of that. This Christmas was beautiful, though, and full of good humor, plenty of wine, and laughter with friends and family. I cooked a LOT, threw several parties, and played Christmas music until SiriusXM turned it off. I’m back to work at Schoolhouse Escapes and setting up travel to Tucson to further train our newest affiliates, but I will still squeeze in an occasional resume when time allows. I just released my newest book, too — and, despite coming down to the wire, I was able to surprise my entire family this Christmas with the tale dedicated to their late grandpa, Papa John. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s now available on Amazon by clicking HERE.


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