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I knew I disliked January

I spent my last post decrying NYE and wishing away the the entire month of January. To that, January replied: “Hold my beer.”

By the time most people read this, the staggering headlines will have lost most of their sting about basketball’s most tragic death and the demise of the other folks who were aboard Kobe Byrant’s helicopter when it went down. And it took something like Kobe Bryant’s death to eclipse the other news story that made national headlines six days before that, when the man from Fresno, Calif., flew his Mercedes a distance of 337 feet across the San Joaquin River and actually landed it on the other side. He rolled the car and died instantly, but the fact that he made it… launched his silver car over a running river the distance of a football field and came down on its tires… is what made the news.

The trouble is, we were still grieving the man in the Mercedes — or at least his potential — when news of Kobe’s death replaced his headlines. We were still trying to wrap our heads around why a spry, healthy 90-year old woman had to bury the second of her middle-aged twin sons; the first one, my business partner, having died on an operating table seven years before. But, David Callahan suffered what so many others do in this nation, mental illness and drug addiction. No one is judging him; how can we? He was a loving, brilliant man who had an illness. All we can do is work harder to exercise grace and understanding and do what we can to help those suffering from diseases that are just as real as the more acceptable varieties that elicit sympathy.

So, when Kobe’s death hit the news and collectively we eventually realized the magnitude of the total loss aboard the helicopter, I had to stand back in awe of God and trust Him. This is all out of our control. All of it. Our brain(s) cannot make sense of our reality sometimes — like why, for example, the helicopter accident left two siblings without EITHER parent when their mom, dad and sister died together with Kobe that day. That isn’t fair. But God is in control and promises to use all things for His purposes. He doesn’t cause things, but He will use them. He promises.

In the coming days, keep your eye out for evidence of this.

Beauty for ashes, He says. Beauty… for ashes.

Go away, January. You’re drunk.

Mike and David

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