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Another perspective

Another perspective. There’s so much good going around.

I learned today that my mom’s hairdresser—with no fanfare, no Facebook post, and before any quarantine dictate—told my mother that her weekly hair appointment would now be at my mom’s own house until further notice. 😭 She’s going to LEAVE her shop to go fix my mom’s hair. Thank you, Darcy, for your beautiful heart. You are SUCH a model of God’s incredible love.

I’m seeing families on hikes, people out playing Frisbee golf. People are exercising outdoors, riding bikes.

Earlier today, I took my mom for an outing (to her favorite social place, the grocery store), but I “quarantined” her in the car while I took her list and shopped. 😁 She stayed in the car, window down, playing Words with Friends on her phone. Someone pulled beside my car, who had the driver’s own dad inside, doing the same thing and with the same instructions: Stay in the car. How can we ever repay our parents? We can’t, but this seems like such an easy place to begin. They get their shopping done but also get the social interaction they need.

My church streamed their services online today and asked only this of us: Be the church. Grab a small group, make breakfast, and watch the service together. Be. The. Church. How beautiful to imagine groups of people in their pajamas eating bacon and watching live streaming church to hear a message of love.

I see families with a newfound reason to hang together, spend time with isolated, aging parents, and find new activities other than watching TV or going out.

If the “enemy” meant this only for harm, I am afraid he’s pretty irritated with the hearts of people who are living smart but without fear. We are living.

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