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A Halloween break

Most people know I love Halloween and know I have attended haunted house conventions for years with other like-minded haunted house people. After all these years, the most lasting memory is always the friendships I’ve made. Now, with this new weird, global pandemic, the Halloween industry, while mostly unaffected in this spring, grows anxious about what the future holds for their attractions in the fall. They wonder if they will be able to open and, if so, in what capacity and to what extent with actors. Many of them also own escape rooms, which have been closed since the state lockdowns.

With all that said, they needed a break, like all of us, need to feel normal for a few hours, so it was SO NICE last night to meet with so many of them on Zoom, where I was invited to Haunter Happy Hour. As you can see by the pic, I changed my background to something entirely appropriate (and, sidenote, something I’m missing badly). Yes, I know this one is in Florida, but I couldn’t find the Anaheim one. 🙂 So, for a couple hours last month, we laughed and laughed, and we made promises to do it again soon. Indeed, when I awoke this morning, they’d already sent an invitation to the next one. Wine and friends will be the thing that keeps us a little bit sane when nothing else seems to be the same.

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