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Spooky Season, Part 2

If I had a penny for every time this year that I had cause to be proud of one of my former actors, I’d be rich. Whether it is Michelle getting her degree and getting her “big girl” job, or Ethan becoming a Shafter PD and buying his own home; Emily losing a ton of weight, becoming a step-mama and getting married!… Lyndsey becoming a preschool teacher, or Morgan, who has started a small business knitting the ADORABLE beanie I’m wearing in this photo, I can’t seem to quit hearing all the success stories this year about so many incredible millennials! And I call them that, because typically that generation gets a bad rap. I also have to admit that I saw it coming with each of those kids — their dedication to haunt acting was unparalleled. They were the cream of the crop. So many others were, too, and I look forward to hearing their success stories in the years to come! Happy Spooky Season, my friends. And yes, I’m still doing resumes for the time being… so keep those orders coming! xo

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