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A new baby!

Our parents TRY to tell us how great grandparenting is–but it’s like trying to explain what Heaven is like, you just can’t. Nobody prepares you for another chance to hold your own babies again, the feeling of traveling back in time and getting a do-over (but a far more relaxed one). I feel like I’m seeing, smelling, and holding my newborns all over again. Nothing is different except I can enjoy them now. My heart explodes with love as I kiss each one. This year, my kids gave me an October present, a new baby girl named Kate, whose Grandma loves her more than all the stars in the sky. She was supposed to be born on Halloween, itself, but God knew she needed to be an even, balanced, happy Libra instead. Regarding work: My escape company is still on a pandemic hiatus, so I am back to editing and writing resumes as needed. Please feel free to contact me with a description of your project. xo


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