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He was uncommonly happy; he brought laughter and light where he went; he loved with his whole heart; he didn’t judge. It’s been two weeks since he passed, and as I sit here looking at this, one of our many photos together, I still can’t believe he’s gone. It has taken me this long to find words (and, for a writer, speechlessness is an indication of the sizeable loss). He was truly remarkable, and he brought joy to the lives of everyone who was lucky enough to know him. Oh, my dear one… if I could say one more thing to you, what would it be? The last thing I said to you was, “Happy birthday, I love you”… and I suppose I wouldn’t change that. You, with your deep laughter, refusal to drive a car, love of Disney tunes, friend to everyone… the world lost one of its most loving, engaging, friendly humans. I grieve for all those who didn’t get to know Zac, who will never know his loyalty, love, laughter, friendship, work ethic, affection, creativity, honor, and joy. Oh, my sweet Zac… I am so happy I knew you. Love, “Mom” xo

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