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September, oh September!

Do you remember... the 21st night of September??

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My interviews are finished, and I cannot BELIEVE how many highly qualified, beautiful, educated, faithful, amazing women applied for a job with me! They each said they’d heard wonderful things about SHE and wanted to be a part of it. THAT IS GOD! I am so grateful to Him for this amazing new journey He established for me, mending my broken heart and showing that He has a reason for every closed door, without which I would not have this new business or the children’s books I’m writing. The Tucson …read more

Life must… be… fun

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A friend who visits this site regularly said that I post only photos of myself that are posed or “perfect”… never candid, goofy or, in his words, showing my authentic self. Hmm. Challenge accepted. I do have a goofy side but very few see it or appreciate it, so I keep it mostly to myself and a very select few (my dog sees it a LOT). Also in my defense, this site IS supposed to be slightly professional. However, it’s August now, and any day I will be a grandmother …read more

Summer comes to an end…

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My daughter took this picture of me early one morning on a California beach–straight out of bed, coffee in hand and at peace. Peaceful moments don’t always last, so I grab them when I can and am grateful she captured one. It’s been a busy summer full of birthdays, trips, celebrations, and the upcoming arrival of my first granddaughter. My first book was published (available now on Amazon HERE), and I have two other books closely following. My work is starting to get busy again with the start of the …read more

Back in the Summer of ’69, Part 2

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So, just a short four weeks after my 50th celebration, we showered Christine with her own 50th birthday party… in Puerto Vallarta! All girls, no drama, a yacht, a mansion, beach service, expensive wine, and dinner views so breathtaking (*see photo above) that you forget the humidity and ignore that you’ve spent most of your July away from home (and work). In fact, when July is finally over, I will have been gone all but about five days. I’m pretty sure I’m sleep deprived and vitamin deprived, but I can’t …read more


dana martin bakersfield
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Bryan Adams said it best. I used to think 50 was old. My parents were REALLY old when they were 50, at least to my 20-year old self, they were. Fifty years old seemed really far off, even in my 40s. When my younger self pictured 50, it wasn’t with a cranberry vodka in my hand, dancing in my pool with my favorite girlfriends while wearing an expensive dress. No. This birthday came with an unexpected serenity, surety, and the typical Scarlet O’Hara attitude of “I won’t think about that …read more

Almost June…

CSUB dana martin Jaisyn hough
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In the midst of the busy, I get this. I have to share this. May is a busy month for my company–lack of sleep, working around the clock, my daughter graduated from college (my alma mater… see photo!), my other daughter is having another baby… and, well, LIFE. However, in the midst of all this, God always provides little happy moments that get us through what may be stressful, busy times. For me, it was a response we received to our 10-question survey we send out after each Schoolhouse Escapes …read more

May showers

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If April showers bring May flowers, what do May showers bring? Today was a good day; the sky was dark, and during my 4-mile walk, it began to sprinkle. I’ve been a sprint-walker for a while, but we don’t get much rain where I live so this was an unusual and welcome surprise. I liked the smell of the rain as it reacted to the dusty asphalt. It was electric. My Ray-bans were the perfect windshield. My hair stuck to my shoulders. For whatever reason, my walk was much easier …read more

Students and grit

A post from Schoolhouse Escapes

grit in students
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When I was in third grade, I can remember Mrs. Wagner making me repeat an entire cursive assignment because I looped the bottom of a lowercase “f” the wrong direction. I wasn’t the only one. She decided to stop the lesson and move to another assignment, promising we would work on “f” again the next day. And we did. (Today’s time-crunched teachers can’t usually repeat lessons, but that is a different blog entry.) I can’t say that my third-grade classmates and I learned grit that day, but looking back, I …read more

Mercy and grace

An open letter to all of us

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You deserve forgiveness. Stop beating yourself up. No one hates you. Everyone makes mistakes. You’ve done the best you could. You’re trying to do better. You’re a good person. You still deserve love. You deserve to be happy. Good things happen to good people, and you’re good people. Everything is forgiven. Who cares about money. Forgiveness is so easy. Understanding is my strong suit. Let it go. When we go through something bad, even if it’s of our own doing, we can’t help but think everyone must be thinking the …read more

“G” is for God

A-Z Blogging Challenge 2018

Dana and Mike

I’m still in Texas, and although it was a day later than we’d imagined, we’re home from the hospital after my grandson’s birth with a healthy baby and mother. God is good. I always catch myself when I say that. “God is good.” Isn’t God always good? Inherently good? His goodness never changes, but I don’t think we automatically think of His goodness when–for example–we are being frisked by TSA or when we miss a connection after traveling all day. “I missed my flight?! God is good!” But I do …read more

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